Today is the day! It is time to focus on yourself! Check out these 5-Day Self-Care Challenge to learn some tips and tricks for sneaking self-care into your already busy schedule. We can all do a little more to take care of ourselves, so we can better handle the stress, challenges, and responsibilities in our lives! Make today about what you need for a change!

Hi, I’m Dr. Melissa Jones!

I'm one of the psychologists at Luzio & Associates Behavioral Services. I've been in practice here for over fifteen years, working with clients of all ages and diagnoses. I'm also a mom and step-mom of seven. Needless to say, I know how important self-care is from a parent and a mental health professional stand point! This 5-Day Self-Care Challenge is developed for anyone who is ready to take time to add a little self-care to their lives. My self-care is travel (as you can see in this picture), but this is not something I can do daily. The tips and tricks in this Self-Care Challenge will help you add self-care into your daily life. I promise there is room in that busy schedule to have time to take care of yourself!

Now it's time to take care of yourself!


5 Day Self-Care Challenge

Taking care of you, so you can have a more relaxed and enjoyable life

Today is the day to start to do a little more to take care of yourself!

Join our 5-Day Self-Care Challenge! This challenge focuses on ways to take care of yourself that are easy to add to your already busy schedule. It offers tips and tricks for adding self-care to your daily life without taking away from what you are already doing!

Now take the time to do something for you this week and join us!